Yingke W&P


Our lawyers provide complex legal services in connection with domestic and international arbitration proceedings and civil and administrative court proceedings.

Our practice in litigation contains all aspects starting from initial stage of dispute including obtaining preliminary injunctions and other preliminary measures followed by representa-tion trial proceedings up to the enforcement of court and arbitration judgements in both Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic.

Furthermore, we always search for possibilities how to solve a dispute without the need of a long court proceedings and while providing legal services we emphasize on the pre-vention of disputes.

Lawyers of Yingke PKW legal office represent clients ranging from representation in civil law and commercial law disputes to proceedings before financial and tax authorities or other administrative bodies and have specific experience also with disputes regarding li-ability of management board and in labour-law disputes.

Moreover, we have extensive experience with application of extraordinary legal remedies and with representation of clients before the Supreme Court and Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic.