Yingke W&P

International Arbitration

Disputes are an inevitable part of business. Whether you are involved in a commercial dispute, in financial litigation, under investigation, or simply keen to protect your business and ensure full compliance.

As international trade and foreign investment intensifies, so do disputes across borders. International arbitration is often the preferred dispute resolution mechanism for international business. In our team we truly works cross-border on both Business Law and Civil Law.

Our team represents and advises clients with global reach in arbitration proceedings concerning a wide variety of commercial disputes in key jurisdictions. We provide cost-effective and efficient representation and support through all stages of the arbitration process and, when necessary, in court proceedings touching on jurisdictional issues, interim remedies in support of arbitral proceedings and to recognize and enforce the arbitral awards we have obtained on behalf of our clients. When the circumstances warrant it, we represent our clients in mediations of their commercial disputes. Whatever the situation, our top priority is always to get the right outcome for you.

Investment Treaty Arbitration

A key aspect of Our team’s thriving multi-office International Arbitration practice involves the representation of clients in high-stakes investment treaty disputes before international tribunals. We also help our clients leverage international law to deal successfully with the legal and diplomatic challenges of cross-border disputes.

In the area of investment treaty arbitration We may represent multinational companies as claimants and governments as respondents in disputes arising under international trade agreements and investment treaties.

The International Arbitration team also advises corporate clients on structuring cross-border investments to take advantage of the protections and arbitration options that investment treaties have to offer.

As well as representing parties in international arbitrations, members of the Yingke PKW team also serve as arbitrators to adjudicate such disputes and as investment policy advisors to governments around the world.