Yingke W&P

Civil & Family Law

We provide legal services to citizens, companies, local authorities and governmental agencies in the area of civil law. The services in this area are focused on Civil Law and Family Law. Based on the many years’experience in this field, some of our lawyers also give lectures and publish in proffesional magazines. We can provide our clients with a single advice or the complex solution of his or her problem. We draft legal documents of all kinds, including agreements settling disputable relations, always with the aim of finding the best solution for the client.

In the area of Family Law we provide legal advice on the legal relationship between parents, spouses and children, in particular:

  • drafting proposals for the distribution and design of the exercise of parental responsibility for a minor child at the time after the divorce; where necessary, representation in proceedings
  • adjustment to the parent with the child, with an emphasis on parents reach agreement
  • Preparation of parenting arrangements (if the parents agree between themselves on the exercise of parental responsibility, the court usually without extensive evidence approve such an agreement)
  • advice on maintenance
  • drawing up proposals to the court for approval of a minor for legal acts