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Yingke is a full-service, international law firm, with its headquarters located in Beijing.

Founded in 2001, Yingke Law Firm has already established a reputation in the Chinese legal services market. With more than 3000 lawyers only in China, we are now one of the largest law firms in Asia and our aim is to forge a leading Chinese firm on a global scale.

China can be a challenging legal jurisdiction. Yingke has knowledge and experience in all aspects of Chinese legal, regulatory and governmental systems to help clients in obtaining the results they are looking for.



Yingke Czech and Slovakia Grand Opening
Yingke Czech and Slovakia Grand Opening
On 6th and 7th October, 2015 Yingke Czech and Yingke Slovakia were officially established. Up to now, Yingke has owned 30 overseas offices.
Yingke 1st Global Board of Directors
Yingke 1st Global Board of Directors
Along with the continuous expanding of the scale of Yingke global network, in order to stimulate the development of Yingke global business,...
China Go Abroad Alliance Forum
China Go Abroad Alliance Forum
China Go Abroad Alliance & Yingke Global Board of Directors & Global Advisory Board Forums held by Yingke Law Firm grandly opened in the Marriott Hotel on 26th October 2015.
Yingke Germany Grand Opening
Yingke Germany Grand Opening
On September 23, 2015 Yingke Law Firm held its Yingke German office and Yingke Koehler China Center Grand Opening and reception banquet in Berlin.

Global Mindset


Local Instinct

We have strong experience and proven expertise in the industries of

  • agribusiness and food
  • automotive
  • capital markets and securities
  • chemicals
  • energy and mining
  • environment
  • health sciences and pharmaceuticals
  • high-tech and start-ups
  • insurance
  • investment banking and consultancy
  • luxury goods
  • manufacturing
  • media and entertainment
  • private equity
  • real estate and construction
  • transportation and logistics
Yingke W&P