Yingke W&P

Criminal Law

Our team provide legal services both at pre-trial proceedings and at trials. We represent charged, accused or injured and involved parties. The legal assistance is provided also by means of consulting, also in relation to corporations. We choose unique and the most effective course of action for each case, both by leading the proceedings and by obtaining and submitting proofs. For this purpose, we cooperate with experts in related professions, such as court experts or other experts.

White Collar and Corporate Crime

We provide legal advice to corporate clients, whom we help draft their internal policies and guidelines and set up their internal controls with a view to reducing the risk of their employees engaging in criminal activities.

Anti-Money Laudering

Our team provides legal advice on all aspects of anti-money laundering (AML) rules and regulations, both in the compliance counseling and enforcement contexts.

AML requirements, counter-terrorist financing regimes, know-your-customer (KYC) rules, and asset blocking and reporting requirements are increasingly complicated and comprehensive. Our attorneys are well-prepared to confront enforcement problems, to evaluate your company's existing AML policies and procedures, and to assist your company to set up and implement new programs, incorporating best practices that meet with regulatory approval.