Yingke W&P

Immigration Law

Possibility of aliens to stay in the territory of the Slovak Republic is regulated in particular through Act No. 404/2011 Coll. on Residence of Aliens. According to the fact that each state has to strictly regulate the conditions of stay of aliens in its territory, the legal regulation of immigration issues is complicated and strictly formal.

According to the aforesaid, we provide to our clients legal consultancy, not only in the process of filling an application for granting residence, but we acquaint our clients with all the possibilities related to residence, as well as with all the advantages and disadvantages of certain types of permanent or temporary residence.

The residence of the alien in our territory is usually associated with issues of business or employment of the alien, therefore part of the legal consultancy provided to our clients are any issues/questions relating to the terms and conditions of business of foreigners or their labour relationships.

  • comprehensive legal consultancy relating to stay of aliens at the territory of Czech and Slovak Republic
  • representation of aliens in the process of granting temorary, permanent or tolerated residence
  • legal consultancy for aliens by filling aplication for Schengen visa or national visa, which are required for entry to the Czech and Slovak Republics
  • comprehensive legal consultancy relating to business activities or labour relationships
  • representation of clients in cases of administrative expulsion or detention.
  • advisory service in the complex area of registration of legal entities by non-Czech or non-Slovaks from outside or within the EU
  • advisory service for obtaining Resident permits for the purpose of business, employment, reuniting families etc.
  • advisory and legal services in connection with the extension of granted resident permits ▪ advisory service and support for Czechs and Slovaks living abroad