Yingke W&P

Banking & Insurance

Our banking law specialists take into account an abundance of laws, ordinances and administrative instructions, which must be complied with by banks and financial services providers. Of course, this always includes the latest EU regulations in connection with financial services of all kinds. The examination of the obligation to obtain a permit and the obtaining of an appropriate license as components under supervisory law only constitute an initial part of the advice by our attorneys and certified banking law specialists.

Our team advise clients and financial institutions on all issues of Banking Law. We accompany our clients' licensing procedure with the financial supervisory authorities, answer their questions regarding Czech and Slovak Finance Law, draft their articles of association, client contracts and compliance guidelines, answer their questions regarding cryptucrrency (e.g. Bitcoin) transactions and keep them with all changes in legislation and jurisdiction. We assert our client's interests against public administration and competitors.

We provide our clients:

  • General Terms and Conditions
  • investment advice and investment brokerage contracts
  • internal codes of conduct ("compliance manuals”)
  • contract documents
  • schematic diagrams for structural and process organization

Careful compliance with the legal bases and compliance requirements will protect you not only against complaints and administrative acts. It will also prevent claims for damages by customers, who feel they were wrongly advised on a capital investment, are not satisfied with the result of asset management or complain of errors in the contract texts, advisory minutes or General Terms and Conditions. Therefore, there is compliance not only on the side of administrative law in relation to financial services supervision, but also in the civil law area in relation to your customers. It must be ensured on all levels that there is compliance with the guidelines from legal standards and jurisdiction. Of course, the advice provided by an attorney or certified banking law specialists will considerably contribute to this end. Should there ever be a dispute in court nevertheless, we can of course also effectively defend unjustified claims on your behalf.