Yingke W&P


Yingke is a full-service, international law firm, with its headquarters located in Beijing. Founded in 2001, Yingke Law Firm has already established a reputation in the Chinese legal services market. With more than 9000 lawyers only in China, we are now one of the largest law firms in Asia and our aim is to forge a leading Chinese firm on a global scale.

China can be a challenging legal jurisdiction. Yingke has knowledge and experience in all aspects of Chinese legal, regulatory and governmental systems to help clients in obtaining the results they are looking for.

As a result of our vast domestic and international network we are able to deliver legal advice on the multi-jurisdictional transactions, which frequently make use of China's favorable economic environment.

We are currently present in nineteen major cities in mainland China and we has also developed our international office network and Yingke is now represented on 4 continents and has offices in 28 major cities all around the world.

Our offices in Prague and Bratislava

are part of Yingke`s global network only since 2015. We are able to provide quality and complex legal services in the most demanding legal cases in all major areas of Czech and Slovak law in Slovak, Czech, English, Chinese, German, and French language in all fields of business activities of our clients.

Our main advantage

is that in cooperation with other offices of Yingke law firm we can provide legal services in more than 80 countries all around the world and help our clients to bridge different legal systems and cultures all around the world.

Our connections with clients around the world

also helps us to find the right business solutions for clients looking for new business opportunities, trades, business partners or investitions what makes us an ideal partner for developing companies with international or global potential.

Our legal team

specializes in a broad spectrum of practice areas, including international trade, foreign investment, company law, capital markets & securities, cross-Strait affairs, private equity, investment & finance, mergers & acquisitions, intellectual property, real estate, energy & environmental law and maritime trade & affairs. In addition to legal services we are active in the area of business development, and can contribute practical advice to your business operations, ensuring you do not have to sacrifice your bottom line in attending to problems beyond your scope of activity.
We are privileged that in the last ten years more than 18,000 clients from domestic and foreign enterprises have trusted us with their businesses and that we are a proud member of over 150 professional societies and associations. In addition, we have established strategic partnerships with several prestigious universities and colleges.