Yingke W&P

Corporate Law

Yingke’s professional corporate team consists of experienced lawyers, certified public accountants and human resources management professionals. This outstanding team provides comprehensive legal services for clients in all relevant corporate matters, including in the areas of corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions and all the processes thereof, taxation, labour and personnel management, competition and antitrust and the cultural and creative industries. We take great pride in aiming to fully protect the general interests of corporations, investors, staff and interested parties at all times.

We have experience in providing services in:

Core Business Matters

  • Corporate governance, consultation on compliance with laws and regulations
  • Reform of state-owned enterprises
  • Transactions of title of corporate property
  • M & A
  • Bankruptcy and liquidation
  • Legal risk management


  • Resolution of disputes on taxation
  • Risks management of tax audit
  • Organizational structure and effective tax financing
  • Effective M & A and corporate tax department transactions
  • Structure planning prior to the merge of enterprises
  • Technical support for company listing taxation issues
  • Tax planning
  • Examination of corporate tax

Antitrust & Competition

  • Disputes on unfair competition
  • Declaration of antitrust administrative licence for M & A of domestic and overseas enterprises
  • Declaration of antitrust administrative licence for large-scale merger of domestic enterprises
  • Civil and commercial compensation in antitrust cases
  • Administrative surveys in antitrust cases
  • Consultation and legal opinions on antitrust matters
  • Lectures and training on antitrust law

Cultural and Creative Industries

  • Policy consultation on cultural and creative industries including media and film, network technology, animation and gaming, publication, etc.
  • Broker’s affairs
  • Large-scale performance, sporting events, exhibitions
  • Investment and financing of cultural and creative industries
  • M & A of cultural and creative industries
  • Intellectual property management and protection in the cultural and creative industries

Labour Law

  • Labour arbitration and lawsuits
  • Labour law legal counsel
  • Drafting labour contracts, non-competition agreements, confidentiality agreements, training service agreements and documents for human resources management
  • Revising employee manuals and rules and regulations
  • Training on labour law
  • Designing downsizing plans
  • Declaration of special working hours system
  • Equity incentive plans
  • Examination of labour law legal risks

Physical Distribution

  • Disputes in urban public transport contracts
  • Disputes in taxi transport contracts
  • Disputes in contracts of air, railway, waterway, highway transportation, carrying freight or passengers
  • Disputes in pipeline transport contracts
  • Disputes in multimode transport contracts
  • Disputes in storage contracts
  • Disputes in freight forwarding contracts
  • Special legal services for traffic management authorities, traffic operation companies, motor vehicle manufacturing enterprises, sales and maintenance, car leasing companies, physical distribution companies, express-delivery companies, storage companies, etc.