Yingke W&P

Business Transactions

One of the most important issues for companies in the real economy is the conclusion of purchase contracts, service contracts, and work and materials contracts. Large claims can quickly arise, the timely payment of which can be essential for the company's survival. Legal protection of interests is advisable not only when claims from these contracts are not serviced and must be legally enforced with the assistance of an attorney.

Already when drafting the contracts, especially where large amounts are involved, nothing should be left to chance. The legally effective agreement of General Terms and Conditions or a clear payment plan or for instance the effective retention of title until the purchase price payment in full requires wording which that will stand up in court. We assist our clients on these issues with our experience in national and international contract law with sound judgment and, where necessary, also in the judicial enforcement of contract claims.

Our services include:

  • contracts for work or technology supplier
  • drafting contractual documents for extensive projects
  • purchase and distribution agreements
  • contracts relating to intellectual property and information technologies, and securities and finance.
  • guarantees, service agreements and redemption agreements
  • contracts for sales reps and customer training
  • leases
  • outsourcing and franchising