Yingke W&P

Environment Protection Law

Our team is dedicated to addressing and resolving legal issues pertaining to the environment.

We deal with matters pertaining to water consumption, as well as other issues related to the Water Act, other issues of environmental and building controls, and the operation of radioactive waste disposal sites in accordance with the Atomic Energy Law.

We dedicate much attention to issues related to protecting the atmosphere and the implementation of measures to reduce atmospheric pollution.

We concentrate on matters related to the system for collecting, transporting, recovering and disposing of used products and on waste disposal in general. Our team are actively involved in providing legal services to shippers of wastes, collection service operators and other individuals working in this field.

In the field of environmental law services, we offer representation in administrative proceedings before organizations of public administration and municipal government, as well as adjustments of contractual relationships in this field. We can provide legal studies and analyses according to our clients’ wishes. Our team participate in due diligence investigations in consolidation and acquisition proceedings conducted during audits that apply to contractors working in the environment.